The end of the 675 battery?

I am a lifelong sufferer of hearing loss and depend on hearing aids for my day to day activities. Due to the severity of my hearing loss, I require hearing aids with very strong amplification, and the ones I now wear work well enough for me to live a normal, independent life. These hearing aids take a size 675 zinc air batteries I can purchase from any store that carry pharmaceutical products.

Lately, I have noticed a very disturbing trend that seems to indicate that these batteries may soon be phased out of existence. It started when I was shopping at a Sam’s Club and decided to get some hearing aid batteries while I was there. When I arrived at the hearing center, I saw a sign that advertised batteries for sale. They sold the smaller sized batteries but not the larger 675’s. That seemed a little strange but I didn’t think much of it afterwards.

The Wal-Mart next door to Sam’s Club does carry the 675’s, but it’s just that one store in my area. The other Wal-Mart’s in West Palm Beach don’t have them. Of course, they have the smaller sized batteries, curiously marked for clearance but definitely not the larger batteries I need for my hearing aids. It’s as if Wal-Mart itself is no longer planning on selling hearing aid batteries. That’s a scary thought.

Today I got the strongest sign yet that the 675’s may be on their way out. On my way home from work, I stopped by a Walgreen’s to satisfy my craving for some licorice. While walking around the store for anything else I might need, I passed by the clearance bin and was startled to see some packages of size 675 hearing aid batteries in the bin, all of them marked for clearance. I grabbed a handful of these packages and added them to my purchased inventory. I’m good on my supply of batteries for now but I don’t know what’ll happen when I run out. Where will I get my batteries next?

I don’t know why these stores aren’t interested in keeping the 675’s in stock. It’s a very disturbing trend indeed and without these special batteries to power my life, I might as well retreat to the silent world I know a little too well.



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