The Prize Cannon.

The call center was busy with agents working the phones and helping customers. Suddenly, all the phones went dead. As the agents looked up in horror, they saw their supervisor walk into the middle of the room and announce, “Your attention please! Yes, I have disconnected all your calls to make an important announcement! We have another winner for most improved efficiency! Stand up, Gary Barnes!”

Gary sheepishly stood up from his desk.

The supervisor continued, “Gary here has improved his numbers to 93%! That means he gets to fire… the Prize Cannon!”

Oh no, thought all the agents in unison.

Just then a huge cannon was wheeled into the room, a huge 30-foot long monster of a cannon with such a roar the other agents thought it insane for the supervisor to fire it indoors.

And that’s what happened.

Gary grabbed the rope and yanked it, causing the cannon to fire confetti, candy and a small envelope with such volume that all the windows in the call center were shattered, computers and phones knocked off their desks and pieces of ceiling and wall rained on the floor.

“And let’s see what’s in the envelope!” the supervisor yelled out, picking it up and opening it to reveal a small plastic card. “Oh, look at this! A $50 gift card to Applebee’s! Way to go!”

As Gary walked back to his desk among the rubble produced by the cannon, he heard a sinister whisper from one of the nearby agents.

“Way to go, jerk.”



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