Ian the Wizard.

It was a beautiful morning for the annual meeting of the Elder wizards at Mosdom Castle. The cool breeze blew gently across the field and the morning sun painted the ground a golden yellow to add crisp tones to the trees and plants surrounding the castle. The Elder wizards had already gathered inside and seated in the chamber while discussing the meeting’s agenda as they waited for the arrival of the Grand Elder.

Suddenly the sky outside went pitch black and a deafening clap of thunder shattered the morning calm. From out of the darkness flew a bolt of lightning that punched its way through the window and into the meeting chamber where the meeting was about to begin. As the frightened wizards watched, the lightning began slashing white-hot lines into the wall, forming the words of a very cryptic sentence. Then, as quickly as it arrived, the lightning bolt shot out of the room and the sky outside returned to its cheerful morning ambiance as the darkness dissipated. The wizards sat in a stunned silence, trying to piece together what had just happened. The room was just as it was before the sudden darkness, except this time there were still white-hot glowing letters on the wall. Baryk the Elder rose up from his seat to get a closer look at the wall. The words read:


‘Interesting,’ said Baryk. ‘I wonder that that means.’

Emosu, another Elder, soon joined Baryk in studying the engraved message. Suddenly he rose his arms and bellowed at the wall, “Libumfero Viqeu!”

The letters on the wall mysteriously shifted around to a more sensible arrangement.

The Elders saw the newly arranged letters and felt a surge of anger, for they now knew who was responsible. The letters now read:


At that same moment, Ian the Apprentice sat locked in his room at the top of a nearby tower, reciting magic spells from a book he had borrowed from the castle’s library, all with the intent to incite the anger of his Elders. In fact, that was precisely the reason why Ian was locked in his room in the first place.


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