Karaoke night at Hogsmeade.

Every Friday night at the Three Broomsticks Pub in Hogsmeade is Every Song Karaoke. It is hugely popular with the students at Hogwarts yet it is reviled by the magic community for fear of it contaminating the streets of Hogsmeade with “that awful Muggle music.” Despite the protests, the show is allowed to remain at the pub because of the improved morale among the students as noticed by the professors at Hogwarts, who voted on the resolution to reward the students for their hard work with some fun to end the week.

Every Song Karaoke is hosted by Maestro Aldus Quartz, himself an elderly but still a very keen wizard. He is clad in a white robe decorated with musical notes and an odd-looking hat that resembles a horn from an antique record player.

A few minutes before the show begins, Maestro Quartz enters the pub while carrying an ordinary music sheet stand. He passes the enthusiastic crowd as he walks to a far corner of the pub set aside for him to run the show and then sets his hat on the table and the sheet stand on the floor. On the sheet stand he places a blank sheet of paper. By this time he already knows what songs everyone wants to sing as he is able to read the minds of everyone in the room.

The show starts with Maestro Quartz himself singing. He taps his wand on his hat and music begins to play. He specializes in wizards’ folk songs, although he does sing songs from various musical genres to highlight his versatility. After entertaining the crowd with his first song, he is ready to start calling up people who want to sing.

Maestro Quartz’s powers of observation are so keen that he is able to tell who arrived at the pub first and calls that first person up to sing. Once his first singer is ready, he taps his hat with his wand to start the music and then taps the sheet stand which begins to glow with a bluish light. Words to the song form on the paper and they scroll up as the song progresses. After the song ends and the applause quiets down, Maestro Quartz calls up his next singer to continue the evening’s fun.

This show is called Every Song Karaoke because it serves up every song ever written from every corner of the world from every year of history. On rare occasions should a song be so new that it isn’t in Maestro Quartz’s vast music library yet, he conjures up a spell and a few seconds later the song appears in the library, ready for use. Because of this, there is never a song he doesn’t have.

When the show is over, Maestro Quartz thanks the crowd and departs the pub to vanish completely without a trace. His whereabouts between shows remain a mystery but students and pub patrons alike can always count on him to show up again the following Friday night for another evening of Every Song Karaoke.

Rumor has it that even the sinister Professor Severus Snape fancies an occasional song and has Maestro Quartz over in his office for a private karaoke show, but Snape denies the rumor so angrily that he will take away 5 points from anyone who brings it up, and then for good measure, another 5 points.



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  1. aspenlinmer Says:


    I’d love to see Snape sing…although it seems drastically out of character. 🙂


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