Patching a hole in the ceiling.

I was recently faced with the task of patching up a hole in my ceiling after a leaky toilet upstairs sent water dripping through. After an expensive repair to fix the leak, I was left on my own to patch up the hole. I had no idea how to do this, so I watched some videos on YouTube that showed me the way. Here’s how I did the repair.

This is the hole in question.


I started by trimming away the damaged portion of the ceiling. It was startling to see how widespread the damage really was.


I purchased a small piece of hobby wood from the Home Depot and trimmed it down to size before sticking it up the hole. I drove in two screws through each end of the wood to firmly hold it in place.


Next I plugged up the hole with two narrow pieces of sheet rock side by side, both of them screwed into the wood. I did not have a piece of sheet rock wide enough to plug the hole, so this was the next best thing.


For the next step I used patching tape to cover the remaining space in the hole and then applied some Drydex spackling compound, which goes on pink but turns white when it dries. It’s hard to miss a spot when painting with pink.


After the spackling compound dried, I started sanding it down. Here you can see the only mistake I made. I didn’t drive the screws deep enough into the sheet rock, but other than that the hole is unnoticeable and fully patched up. Not bad for a first try!


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