Lorem ipsum to the rescue.

As Louis was strolling back to his desk after having refilled his mug with coffee, he noticed Mark sitting at his desk, looking deeply troubled.

“What’s up, Mark?”

“Hey, Louis. I have to give a big speech in a few hours but I haven’t even started writing it. I just don’t know what to talk about!”

“No sweat, just do what I do. Just go online and generate some lorem ipsum.”

“Lorem ipsum? Isn’t that the nonsense dummy text in Latin?”

“Yes, but that’s just the first step. Run it through an online translator to translate it from Latin to English and there’s your speech.”

“Really. I’ll give that a try.” Mark said with a voice of renewed optimism. “Thanks a bunch!”

Mark set to work and had his speech ready within a few minutes.

Later that afternoon, Mark stepped up to the podium of the packed auditorium with his prepared speech in hand. After acknowledging his audience, he began speaking. “We will be sure to post a comment, ” he said. “Until the Review. But it is very funny. Side impact across the country and not the cartoon before the main activities.” For the next half hour he continued his speech, reading from the generated text.

The next morning at the office, Louis stopped by Mark’s desk during his return trip from the coffee pot after filling his mug. This time Mark was beaming.

“How did it go?” Louis asked.

“Everyone loved it!” Mark enthused. “One man even told me that it was the most inspiring speech he ever heard!”

“Excellent!” Louis and Mark exchanged high fives.

Just then Mr. Green, the boss, walked up.

“Gentlemen,” he said, “I need those quarterly reports by the time you leave today.”

Mark and Louis nodded in consent and watched as Mr. Green walked away.

“Lorem ipsum?” Mark whispered.

“Lorem ipsum,” Louis whispered back.

And the quarterly reports were ready a few minutes later.


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