Decorating for Halloween.

Sherri nervously walked up to Bob’s cubicle and said, “Boss, it’s 8 more days until Halloween…”

Bob’s face turned red. “And what, pray tell, am I supposed to do with that useless piece of information?” he snarled.

“We haven’t decorated our side of the call room yet!”

“SO WHAT!” he hissed.

Sherri pointed to the rest of the call room, which was festively decorated with autumn-themed paper leaves hanging from the ceiling among the fake cobwebs strung between the cubicles and the collage of Halloween decorations on the walls that spanned nearly the entire room except for the section where Bob’s team worked.

“See?” Sherri said. “We’re the only team without decorations!”

“FINE!” Bob bellowed, standing up. From his desk drawer he pulled out a single black balloon, raised it to his lips and began to inflate it. The balloon grew larger and larger with each breath and soon it swelled to the point where it burst with a loud bang. There were scattered yelps of terror from agents who jumped at the sudden loud noise.

“There’s your Halloween scare!” Bob yelled to the startled agents. Turning to Sherri, he handed her the broken balloon stem. “Here, hang that up.”

And so the agents in the call room continued working in the presence of paper leaves hanging from the ceiling, fake cobwebs strung between the cubicles and Halloween decorations covering the walls. Bob’s team too continued working, trying their best to ignore the broken balloon stem now hanging from the ceiling over their heads.



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