In pursuit of writing.

I’ve been running this blog for 6 years now and it seems ironic that only recently has its true purpose dawned on me: to serve as an outlet for my writing. That seems fairly obvious as this is the primary purpose of blogs in general. There are tons of blogs online that are maintained by insiders of every industry on the planet – news, technology, entertainment, politics and assorted nonsense, all of them serving as outlets of their respective authors.

As for this blog, it simply serves as an outlet for my writing skills and to give me a chance to develop them further with each new post. I really don’t write about anything in particular, occasionally I’ll post a link to web sites of interest or perhaps some unusual video I find on YouTube. But with each post I write, I develop my writing skills a little more, giving me a chance to draw from influences from the books I read at the time. As you might tell from the Harry Potter-themed posts I did earlier, I’ve been reading a lot of Harry Potter books lately. They have done wonders in firing up my imagination.

If you’re looking to sharpen your own writing skills, I offer this advice: just do it. Never mind how bad your writing may be at first, just keep at it and your writing will improve. That’s what I did when I was going to school. I wrote for the fun of it and filled sheets of notebook paper with stories and poems, many of which were written when I was supposed to be paying attention in class. Needless to say, it got me in trouble numerous times but even that didn’t deter me from my craft. Eventually I invested in some blank journal books that were soon filled with stories, poems and journals of what was going on in my life. Later when my family acquired a desktop computer, I set aside one of my floppy disks (a 360KB 5 1/4″ disk to be exact) and used it to create a digital diary of sorts with small text files detailing events taking place in my life. It was as close to a blog as I could get during the days of MS-DOS 3.2 and 2400 baud modems.

The point from all this is that I never stopped writing, and it’s from years of writing that I developed the style I have today, and it still continues to evolve and improve on a daily basis. I’m rather proud of it.

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