Password security.

These days, the first line of defense in securing your online presence is setting up a strong password. Unfortunately, too many people use passwords that are easy for hackers to guess and gain access to their accounts. No longer is it enough to use just letters and numbers, it’s suggested that you work in some mixed case letters and some punctuation symbols. That makes your password more secure albeit making it harder to remember. Such is the price of peace of mind.

The Password Strength Checker is a handy tool for measuring the strength of your password. It uses its own scoring system to add or subtract points from your password’s overall score based on how the password is constructed. The higher the score, the stronger the password. It’s nerdy fun to experiment to see which passwords are stronger than others.

How Secure Is My Password is another excellent tool for measuring the strength of a password in terms how long it would take for a hacker to crack the password. A good strong password should take them billions and billions of years to crack, if they can live that long.

I myself have gotten into the habit of using the password generator included with Keepass Password Safe for the sites I use the most. I have the generator set to use mixed case letters, numbers and symbols in generating the password I make sure is at least 20 characters long. For extra security, I make sure the password has at least the letters x, y and z, three of the last letters hackers use when trying to guess the password. And to further complicate the hacker’s efforts, I change the password once every few months. It’s worth the extra effort to keep your valuable accounts safe and out of reach of the bad guys.



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