Harry Potter and the Hall of Many Doors.

The door slowly creaked open, and Harry cautiously stepped inside the dark office, illuminated only by the moon shining through the dusty window. He was certain that the very thing he needed to defeat Voldemort was somewhere in this room, and all he needed was the time to find it. He slowly tiptoed his way across the floor, taking great care not to make the slightest sound…

“Can I help you?”

Harry jumped in fear, raised his wand and spun in the direction of the voice and found himself no longer alone in the room…

“Snape!” Harry hissed at the sight of the face he hated so much.

The towering figure in the draping black robe stepped out of the dark corner and into the middle of the office where the moon shone on the floor. Then Harry frowned. This figure looked exactly like Snape except for his curly black hair that resembled an over-sized afro.

“Are you looking for Snape?” the figure replied.

Harry was momentarily stunned. “You mean, you’re not him?”

“No, Snape is next door.”

Harry was even more confused. “Wait a minute. If you’re not Snape, then who are you?”

“My name is Snaoe.” the figure said. “If you’re looking for Snape then, he’s right next door.”

Harry was even more confused but found the courtesy to apologize for his intrusion. He left the office and entered the hallway, which to his surprise, was lined with doors. The doors certainly weren’t there before…

Harry walked up to the next door and cautiously pushed it open. Again the office was completely dark except for the moonlight shining through the dusty window. Harry felt the same tension as before as he resumed his search for the object that would secure his victory against Voldemort. Again, he silently ventured across the office with the utmost caution.

“Can I help you?”

Startled, Harry raised his wand and spun around to see a man emerging from the dark corner. He too had a snarling face like Snape and was dressed in a draping black robe. Surely, this was the real Snape…

But Harry glanced at the man’s head, which was shaved bald. He dropped his wand to his side and sighed, “Let me guess, you’re not Snape either.”

“Why, are you looking for him?” the bald man replied. “He’s not in this room.”

Harry began to look annoyed. “And what might your name be?”

“My name is Snane,” the man said. “If you’re looking for Snape, he’s two doors down.”

“So he’s next door to Snaqe?” Harry asked.

“Why yes,” Snane replied, smiling. “Have you met him too?”

“Oh, shut up,” Harry snapped, turning around to leave the room. Then he froze in his tracks as he heard a mysterious rumbling coming from the hall. Was that thunder? Or was that Voldemort closing in?

As if reading his mind, Snane said, “No worries, that’s just Snare down the hall, practicing his drums.”

The next sound was a loud crack as Harry Disapparated with the greatest annoyance.


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