Analyzing drink mixes on the go.

At work I keep myself hydrated with a bottle filled with water flavored with individual-sized to-go drink mixes I keep in my lunch bag. Each time I go to the store I have a tendency to visit the drink mix aisle to see what new flavors have come out, and there have been plenty of different flavors from different brands to add to the widening selection. Here’s a listing of drink mix brands I like.

  • Crystal Lite – My favorite flavor is the peach mango green tea and the one I least like is the Cherry Pomegranate. Their other flavors are good.
  • Snapple – I’ve tried the Raspberry, Peach and green Tea flavors, all of them superb. I think their green tea is the best tasting green tea of all.
  • 4C Totally Light Tea2Go – The only flavor I really like from this brand is the half tea/half lemonade, which is the best tasting half-and-half out of all the ones I’ve tried. I’m not too crazy about the other flavors, though. The green tea tastes like rubber gloves that accidentally fell in the water during brewing. The lemon iced tea seems to have a bizarre smoky flavor which doesn’t fit in too well with the concept of iced tea in general. The peach flavor is fairly decent although I prefer Snapple’s peach tea.
  • 4C Totally Light Energy Rush – Good flavors here, even the green tea, which has a much better flavor than its milder counterpart. I also like the flavors that add some slight carbonation to the water.
  • Hawaiian Punch – I’m not too crazy about the Berry Limeade Blast, but man, is their Orange Ocean flavor delicious. Its creamy orange flavor makes it a real treat. The other flavors are good too.
  • Celsius Energy – Surprisingly delicious for an energy drink. A little expensive but worth it.
  • EcoDrink Daily – A little expensive but so delicious I could easily drink the whole bottle in one gulp at the risk of nature calling at slightly increased intervals.
  • Crush Orange – Even the famed orange soda maker entered the powered mix fray. I saw it on clearance at Walgreen’s and haven’t seen it since. That’s a shame. It’s really good, and the only thing missing is the fizz.
  • Wyler’s – Their lemonade flavors are decent, but I find their half tea/half lemonade flavor too strong on the lemon side.
  • Arizona Iced Tea – I like all their flavors, especially the Arnold Palmer half-and-half iced tea/lemonade.


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