How I lost my job. Again.

I lost my job today due to my wandering too far into the Dark Side of the Internet. It was a slow day in the call room  so I thought I could sneak in a quick surf to some sites that had absolutely nothing to do with my job. I was browsing away when I saw a pop-up window with the text “hey click hear”.  I was so bored that I wanted to click on anything except the tools I needed to do my job. So I clicked in the pop-up and that’s when things started going dreadfully wrong.

In an instant my screen went black and my computer went dead. Suddenly, with a loud bang, my computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse were launched high into the air, almost hitting the ceiling before crashing back down on my desk. Immediately hundreds of heads in the room spun in my direction and I felt embarrassed to be the immediate center of attention. Then the floor manager walked up to me with a sarcastic grin and said, “Found the Springer virus, eh? You’re fired.”

And here I am at home, unemployed, a victim of a sneaky tactic to get rid of employees who show up not to work, but to play on the clock.


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