Today in California history.

The settlers gathered in admiration of their new land deep in the California wilderness. They had picked the perfect location with plenty of cool mountain air, nearby streams teeming with fish and soil fertile enough to grow their crops.

“The only thing we need now is a name,” John Abraham, the head settler announced. “Let us pause in silence until the name comes to us from the skies above.”

The settlers paused and stood in silence while listening to the sounds of nature coming from all directions. Abraham began walking around the new settlement, becoming so engrossed in the scenery that before he knew it, he had stepped over the ledge of a cliff and began falling to his doom below. “AAAAAAA!” he yelled on his way down.

“That’s it,” one of the settlers spoke up. “That’s the name of our new town.”

And so was established the town of Aaaaaaa, California on this date in 1813. It continues to thrive today, unfazed by its unusual name and forever immune to urban sprawl due to its designation as one of the National Historic Landmarks in California. This week the township is observing bicentennial festivities complete with a re-enactment of the town’s naming from the very spot where John Abraham fell 200 years ago today.


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