Harry Potter and the Final Showdown.

The students all lay in their beds in the pitch-black dormitory. It was a full moon outside Hogwarts but all the windows were boarded up in preparation for tonight’s showdown between Harry and Lord Voldemort. In fact, there were warnings posted around the school:

WARNING! Due to a potentially gory ending of tonight’s showdown between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort that will take place in the main courtyard, all windows will be boarded to prevent students from witnessing the loser’s potentially gruesome demise that will cause many years of nightmares to those who witness it.

“Bah,” Ron snorted in disgust, pulling out his Extendable Ears, “We may not be allowed to watch the showdown but there’s nothing against listening on it.”

“Be careful,” Hermione said, but Ron had already draped his Extendable Ears through the small gap between the board outside and the window. He listened intently and then his face lit up. “There we go,” he said. The other students gathered around with great interest.

“This is it, Potter,” Voldemort snarled in the courtyard outside, “The prophecy shall be fulfilled. I will at long last destroy you and reach my destiny!”

“Go ahead,” Harry fired back. “Make the first move if you’re that confident.”

“OPPUGNO!” Voldemort aimed his wand at Harry.

“PRAESUM!” Harry countered.

There were bright flashes of light and some deafening bangs that rumbled through the night sky. Then a very tense minute passed before Voldemort’s thunderous voice pierced the uneasy calm.

“FORMIDULOSUS!” he bellowed. There was another deafening bang and an anguished cry of pain. Ron strained to listen but could not sense what had just happened. It was uncomfortably quiet outside and the students all looked at each other with worried faces.

“Mox Lignum!” Voldemort shouted.

Suddenly all the boards flew off all the windows, leaving them unblocked and allowing the students to see for the first time what was happening outside. When they saw the scene of the showdown, there were gasps of horror. Voldemort was looking at the students with his wand drawn, and lying on the ground and completely motionless was Harry.

“I want you all to see this!” Voldemort yelled. “The demise of your so-called hero!”

Voldemort pointed his wand at Harry and yelled, “Solvas!” Instantly Harry exploded in a ball of green fire, and his arms and legs flew off in separate directions while his head was launched into flight overhead before exploding with a deafening bang.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” the students all screamed in unison.

Voldemort laughed triumphantly amid the chaos. “Your eyes do not deceive you! Harry Potter really is gone and I am left to take his place as the Chosen One! You will all obey me and follow my orders to the letter, all without question! What do you say to that?”

“Am I really gone, Voldemort?” a familiar voice called out.

“HARRY!” the students yelled. “But, but…”

Sure enough, it was Harry himself, alive and in the flesh, stepping out from the shadows in the courtyard. Voldemort was so stunned that he could not move or speak.

“I know, you’re confused.” Harry spoke up. “That wasn’t me who just exploded. That was my computer-generated stunt double.”

There was a stunned silence that shrouded the courtyard. Instantly that silence was pierced by cheers and applause from the students while Voldemort continued standing in a stunned silence. Harry walked up to Voldemort and stared at him right in the face. “Your turn,” Harry whispered.

Voldemort began trembling with rage and pointed his wand at Harry. “Sanguis homicidium!” he roared. Instantly a flash of bright light filled the sky and a loud crack was heard, accompanied by a gigantic cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared, only Harry remained and there was nary a trace of Voldemort.

“What happened?” the students shouted.

Harry explained, “While Voldemort was distracted, I secretly took his wand and replaced it with a Boomerang wand from Zonko’s. He became the victim of his own spell that was supposed to have killed me! Voldemort is no more!”

And there was much cheering from around, for Voldemort at last was no more.



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