Troubleshooting with Candy Crush Saga.

ATTENTION ALL AGENTS: Our troubleshooting tools for diagnosing issues with our customers’ Internet service are currently unavailable. In the meantime please use Candy Crush Saga to assist with your troubleshooting.

Agent: So your wireless connection is not working?
Customer: No, sir. The signal gets very weak when I go across the hall.
Agent: Is there anything blocking your wireless router that could interfere with the signal?
Customer: Let’s see, the only thing I see are three lemon drops.
Agent: Can you eat them to get them out of the way?
Customer: Okay, I just ate them.
Agent: How is your signal across the hall now?
Customer: Much stronger. You, sir, are a genius.

Customer: I can’t get on the Internet.
Agent: Is your modem plugged in securely to your phone outlet?
Customer: No, there’s a huge wall of candy in the way.
Agent: No worries, we’ll set up a dispatch to have a candy crush-nician take care of that for you.

Customer: My Internet connection is very slow.
Agent: Have you tried clearing your cookies?
Customer: No, but I cleared all the candy but that didn’t help.
Agent: I meant clearing your cache.
Customer: Clear my cash? You mean I have to pay for this? Hello?

ATTENTION ALL AGENTS: Our troubleshooting tools are back online. Please refrain from using Candy Crush Saga and use our tools instead.



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