Winter at the call room.

I was seated at my computer and on the phone with a customer to troubleshoot a technical issue when suddenly one of the managers called out, “The weather forecast for today, freezing with a 100% chance of snow!”

Then the temperature in the room plummeted as one of the managers adjusted the thermostat to below freezing. From out the air conditioning vents came a heavy concentration of snow that drifted across the room and covered everything in sight, including the floor, the cubicles, the chairs, the computers and the agents. I found it very hard to work and had to constantly clear the snow off my screen to see what I was doing.

Suddenly the fire sprinklers came on and sprayed out water that instantly turned to ice as it covered the the snow. The floor became completely covered with ice and became very slippery. Then I heard cheesy holiday music playing from the ceiling speakers and saw the managers putting on ice skates as they prepared to skate around the call room. They skated up and down the aisles between the cubicles where the frozen agents sat motionless while buried up to their necks in snow.

The managers were the ones having all the fun. Some of them making snow angels on the floor while others were building snowmen at various spots around the room. Meanwhile the agents were freezing and shivering so badly that their heads fell off and shattered like glass on the floor, which infuriated the customers on the phone. Of course, this was of no concern to the management.

“Who’s up for a snowball fight?” called out one of the managers, balling up some snow as she looked around the room for a target. Seeing the panicked look on my face, she threw the snowball at me and I ducked out of the way to watch the snowball shatter my frozen monitor. This was all I could take and I got up to leave the room. I found it very hard to walk on the icy floor and I kept slipping and falling. Just when I made it to the door, a manager riding a sled ran into me and sent me flying out the door. It’s a miracle I landed on the lawn, for I too would have shattered like glass had I hit the pavement.

Clearly this was the worst day at work since the management announced there was a 100% chance of meatballs in the call room.


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