Extreme measures of motivation.

Good morning,

In response to last week’s disappointing numbers, I have decided to resort to more extreme measures of motivation to help bring our numbers up to par. If you look at your desks you may notice a small black box just below your monitors. If you want to find out what the black box is for, rest assured you will soon find out if your numbers continue to suck.

The Boss.

That was the e-mail I got this morning and sure enough, right under the monitor under my desk was a small black box about the size of a brick. I looked around and saw similar boxes placed under the monitors on the other desks. Then my eyes caught the face of my boss seated at his desk and he was looking at us with an evil grin.

“Carry on,” my boss said with a sinister tone in his voice.

So we all proceeded to start another day of tech support calls under a heavy, dark cloud of uncertainty. No one but the boss knew the purpose of the black boxes on our desks.

I was working a call when suddenly I heard the sound of a loud punch and someone behind me fall backwards to the floor. I spun around and saw one of my co-workers lying on the floor, still in his chair, dazed and staring at the ceiling. On the desk just under the monitor was a boxing glove that had sprung out of the black box to knock down the agent.

“Who wants to be next?” the boss asked.

Our numbers instantly skyrocketed and never fell low again.



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