Meltdown in the break room.

In the break room at my job is a pool table so popular with the employees that there’s a waiting list system to ensure everyone gets to play. If someone wanted to play some pool, they would simply add their name to the waiting list on the whiteboard and wait their turn.

I was on break watching a game of pool in progress one afternoon when one of the employees entered the break room and stopped in his tracks when he saw the long list of names on the whiteboard.

“What the hell is this!” he yelled. “I was at the top of the list!”

“But you weren’t here when we called your name,” replied one of the other employees.

“I only stepped out of the break room to get a drink!” he yelled. “You couldn’t even wait 5 seconds, could you!”

“Fair’s fair,” replied the bystander. “If you’re not here when we call your name, you’re off the list.”

“BUT I’M AT THE TOP OF THE LIST!” the employee screamed, pointing at his name at the top of the waiting list.

“Sorry, you’ll have to wait your turn,” the bystander said.

The employee’s face turned so red that it appeared sunburned. He walked up to the pool table and, to everyone’s amazement, sent it flying through the ceiling overhead. All heads looked upwards at the huge hole in the ceiling where they could now see the sky and sure enough, there went the pool table, still flipping and flying as it grew smaller during its flight across the sky.

“You better not still be here when the pool table comes crashing down!” the angry employee bellowed, to which everyone responded by fleeing the break room in panic.

And to this day the pool table has still not come back.



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