A rock that rocks.

For Christmas I went to the Festival Flea Market Mall in Pompano Beach, Florida. As expected it was extremely busy with the parking lot filled beyond capacity, but once I found a place to park I was able to enjoy the fun day ahead.

There’s a nice little rock shop at the mall called Romancing The Stones where they sell rock specimens, jewelry and other gifts. I make it a point to purchase something from this store each time I go to the mall as I myself collect rocks and minerals. Many of the rocks in my collection were found along hiking trails from past vacations across the country, while others were purchased from rock shops like the one I visited today.

There was one particular specimen that caught my eye, a two-piece ensemble that looks like a very ordinary rock from the outside.


When the two pieces are separated, the colorful interior is easily visible.


I don’t know about you but I just had to buy it. I do have other geodes in my collection but none as dazzling as this. The shop had other similar two-piece geodes with purple and blue crystals, but I found this particular shade of blue appealing and before I knew it, it was wrapped up in paper and placed in the shopping bag I would carry home from the mall.


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