The most expensive book on Amazon.

Every so often I browse through the Kindle Store just to see what’s on offer there. Occasionally I’ll find a title interesting enough to warrant a purchase while other times I often wonder what the author was even thinking. Tonight I definitely witnessed an instance in the latter category.

Just for kicks I decided to see what would turn up when I did a search for “most expensive book”, and to my surprise, there was an actual book in the results list entitled “The Amazon’s Most Expensive Book”. Yes, this is an actual book on sale at Amazon and you can search for it yourself in the Kindle Store if you don’t believe me.


The book is only 19 pages long and carries a hefty price tag of $200. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Who’d actually pay that much for such a small book?


I downloaded a free sample containing the first chapter which basically says this book is only for rich people and warns you not to buy it if you do not have enough money in your bank account. From reading some of the scathing reviews from other customers, it sounds like this the general message of the remaining 9 chapters in the book.

Unreal. It’s way cheaper to spend $3 on a book filled with lorem ipsum.



One Response to “The most expensive book on Amazon.”

  1. Emmanuel James. Says:

    This book will be free from 10/01/2014 to 12/01/2014.

    Emmanuel James.

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