The yogurt incident.

Last week during my lunch break, I pulled out a container of Yoplait yogurt from my lunch bag in preparation for a tasty dessert. As I peeled off the foil lid, a small amount of yogurt splattered on the table. After I finished eating, I decided to tweet a playful, light-hearted complaint to Yoplait regarding their spitting yogurt.

Dear Yoplait, your yogurt spits at me when I peel off the foil lid. Make it stop.

I really wasn’t expecting a response from them, but sure enough, that’s what happened tonight.

@mjbdiver Sorry about that! Have you seen our video with suggestions to prevent splatters? Hope this helps! ^R

It’s interactions like these that really change the way I see and use Twitter. Be sure to check out their informative video on preventing yogurt splattering.

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