The ultimate ultimatum.

The supervisor dashed out of his office and ran across the call room to where the agent was sitting. Sure enough, the agent sat calmly at his desk in front of his computer with his hand on the mouse. On the screen was the only program he had running, the Windows calculator program.

“Let’s talk this over,” the supervisor said nervously. “Surely you didn’t mean what you said in your e-mail.”

“Sure I meant it,” the agent calmly replied. “The next move is yours.”

“But the budget…”

“Forget the budget! Either give me a raise or I divide by zero!”

“I understand your demands, but the economy…”

“Budget! Economy! Is that all that matters?” the agent shot back. “What about me? Do I get my raise or not?”

“I’m sorry,” the supervisor whispered.

“Too bad,” the agent replied, turning to his computer. “It didn’t have end this way.”

As the supervisor watched in horror, the agent clicked the buttons on the onscreen calculator to divide 1 by zero.




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