The Spirit of Christmas.

One day several years ago I arrived at a Party City store just to browse around when I spotted this eye-catching decoration hanging from the ceiling. I pulled out my phone and took a picture for later uploading to Twitpic. So this is what the Spirit of Christmas looks like.


The picture resided on Twitpic for a while before it mysteriously disappeared, much to my dismay. This is truly a one-of-a-kind shot and I could never get another one like it again. I eventually found the picture safe and sound on Twicsy, a search engine for Twitter pictures, but my joy was short-lived. The picture soon disappeared from Twicsy as well.

Tonight I was browsing through my backup CD’s when I came across a saved copy of the picture. Again I was overjoyed, but this time I decided to immediately upload it to this blog for permanent safekeeping. I know it’s after the holidays but when it comes to priceless pictures like this one, I’m just not taking any more chances.

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