Check your accounts for pwnage.

PwnedList is a valuable service for checking your accounts to see if  your credentials were compromised. Security breaches seem to be commonplace nowadays, and that gives good reason to be concerned. Fortunately this service is on our side to help us identify our more vulnerable accounts.

I gave this service a try by looking up my own e-mail address and was informed that it was in fact found in the database. Unfortunately there was no further information on how my e-mail address got there but I decided to take protective measures by changing the passwords on my frequently accessed accounts. I also signed up for PwnedList’s free monitoring service to keep me informed on further breaches.

Not even an hour later I received an e-mail with further details of how my e-mail address was found. I have an account on Adobe that was compromised through a security breach that took place last year. I did remember signing up for an account just to use some software for transferring e-books. Anyway, I signed on to my account at Adobe and was notified I had to change my password, which I did. I’m hoping that’s the last time one of my accounts gets compromised, but that’s just wishful thinking.

PwnedList is definitely worth a visit. It’s your first line of defense on securing your accounts.



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