Balloons and cigarette lighters.

When I came to work this morning I was pleasantly surprised by the sight of dozens of colorful balloons tied to chairs in front of the cubicles. Then my eyes spotted a cigarette lighter that had been placed on each of the desks. As I looked around the call room in confusion, I saw the other agents admire the festive appearance of the room as they entered but too became confused when they saw the cigarette lighters. What was going on?

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,” the floor manager announced. “There are two types of people that work here. There are those who show up on time, do what’s expected of them and do their jobs well. The balloons at their cubicles have been filled with helium.

“Then there are those who show up late, slack off all day and fail to perform their jobs at satisfactory levels. Their balloons have been filled with hydrogen.

“Now, please pick up your cigarette lighters and light your balloons. If your balloon explodes with an deafening fireball, you’re fired.”


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