Our sincere apologies.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the tremendous inconvenience caused by the massive power outage that has crippled the entire building during the past three days. We have isolated the cause of the problem to our department director Kevin who had 5 power strips connected to the same outlet for plugging in his refrigerator, microwave, TV, stereo, computer, printer, scanner, DVD player and his Xbox (We had no idea he kept an Xbox in his office). This caused the fuse blowout and power outage that caused all the servers and interfaces to crash and lose their data. We have no backups on tape since the tape drives were never ordered (the unsigned purchase orders are still in Kevin’s box) and we are currently attempting to locate the installation media for restoring the operating systems on the servers. Please continue using manual downtime procedures until further notice. We will resume resolution of this issue after Kevin’s funeral immediately after his execution.

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