Introducing Natalija.

I was checking my e-mail tonight when I found this in my Inbox:

Hey.How are you doing? How your mood? My name is Natalija. I wish to get acquainted with you. Yours email to me a distance in marriage agency. Write to me more likely. We could is better learn each other. Write to me about itself.

Please answer to my personal mail box: [e-mail address removed]

Write to me more likely.
Bye bye

The following photo was attached:


I became very suspicious of the very broken English in this e-mail, so I Googled the sentence “Write to me about itself” and sure enough this appears to be a romance scam in progress. I’m certain there are more constructive ways to meet new people than e-mailing them out of the blue. She must be desperate.

Just for kicks I’m going to respond to this e-mail to play along with these scammers. This is the mutilated reply I will send:

I like picture. I like talk to itself. Where on map you lives? I flies says hello.

I will send the response from an e-mail account I plan on getting rid of soon, so in case this gets out of hand I can just delete the account. I will update this post with what happens next.

UPDATE: I just sent the e-mail containing the above text and so far it has not yet bounced. I think my reply may have gone through. Now to wait for a response from the scammers.

UPDATE: I didn’t get a response until one week later. Here’s what it read:

Hello! wow! I am happy to see your answer!
I saw your profil in dating agency in our city. They have helped me with a choice of the profil. So, I have written you ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes I feel very lonely and when I, after work go on road home I think as me to spend evening. I have houses the small piano and very much I like to play music, more often I improvise, my music is not perfect, but to me delivers a sheer pleasure!
I am lonely now and I admit, that I have got tired of loneliness and monotony and I very much would like a variety, or adventures!
You are very a pity that far from me! But I plan to visit soon USA. My brother lives there. When I will solve questions with my visa, I will be ready to this travel ๐Ÿ™‚
I am 32 years old. I am single I have never been married.
Tell me please about yourself, about your girl, about the first love, about feelings… Of course, If you want…
Now I live in a small city. If you look at a Ukraine map, try to find, And you can find my city – Donetsk!
I send you also more photos ๐Ÿ˜‰ Natalija.

She did send more pictures of herself in various poses and sounds sincerely interested in meeting me. But none of this is making sense. I sent my response from a different e-mail address with no indication of my name and she responds with the revelation that she found my profile in some dating agency in her hometown of Donetsk. This sounds more like a generic response to anyone who e-mails her.

This is as far as I’m going with this. This is no way to meet someone and I know better than to respond to an e-mail sent out of the blue by a total stranger. I have deleted the e-mail account I used to send my response and won’t send any more correspondence as I think will only encourage this person to pull me deeper into whatever scam they’re running. The next time I get an e-mail like this, I’m deleting it as soon as I get it. End of story.

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