The man who ran out of time.

Recently I was browsing through a gallery of web pages belonging to inmates residing on death row. Many of these inmates have long since been executed but their pages live on.

One page that especially moved me was the one belonging to Jesse Wise, who was executed in 1999. During his incarceration, he discovered his talent for music and taught himself to play various instruments. He soon recorded an album of mellow jazz music which you can hear on his page.

He also developed a talent for writing and wrote several novels, screenplays and even sitcom teleplays. Unfortunately he ran out of time and was soon executed, forever silencing the talents he worked so hard to build.

That made me appreciate more than ever the freedom I enjoy every day, but I too need to spend some time developing and nourishing my talents. I already exercise my writing talent through this blog but need to take time to develop my musical talents while I still can, before some unforeseen event in the future intervenes to take it all away. I think this is the best way to keep the spirit of Jessie Wise alive, regardless of the circumstances that landed him on death row.

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