A Box in the cloud.

I’m guessing that the better cloud storage services are the ones you don’t hear about. Services like Google Drive, Skydrive and Dropbox often make headlines for their security flaws or their potential involvement with the NSA, which doesn’t exactly give them good publicity.

Last week I was making changes to my blog’s layout and was exploring the various pre-configured widgets when I saw a widget for posting links to files shared on Box. I had never even heard of Box, so I decided to check them out and before I knew it, I was signed up and am now using them to store my files.

It’s a good sign that Box has managed to shy away from the negative publicity to the point where even a seasoned Internet user myself hasn’t heard of it. Box appears to have a cloud infrastructure robust and secure enough for even businesses to trust with their storage needs. It also appears oriented towards IT personnel who need to collaborate and share their files but it works just as well for basic file storage.

There are some features here I like that sets Box apart from the other storage services I’ve tried. The web interface has a quick preview feature that lets you view your documents without downloading them. I have several HTML documents I access often to do my job and being able to copy and paste text even from the preview window is a big plus.

The client software that syncs my local folders has a nice feature that lets me set up folder sharing using the client software itself as opposed to using the web site.

So far, so good with Box. If you’re looking for a cloud storage service with a good reputation that offers accessibility and security in mind, give them a try.

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