The return of Evernote.

Until last year Evernote was a valuable tool that came in handy at my job. I used it to store links to useful web sites along with images and other notes essential to my work. I had used it for many months until one day there were changes made to the interface that drastically slowed down my computer. It got so bad that I had to close the Evernote window for my other tools to work. I contacted customer service regarding this issue and they only apologized. This further added to my frustration and I vowed never to use Evernote ever again.

Over time however I missed Evernote and occasionally logged on to see if their interface improved but got frustrated again to see that it hadn’t.

Last month I gave them yet another try and was pleasantly surprised to see that it ran smoothly even in the presence of my other tools. I sense they made changes to the interface that allowed it to run so well.

Once again my notes are back on Evernote and I’m happy to say that it’s growing on me as I find new uses for it. I can only hope it continues running this well.

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