Violently terminated.

Someone got Violently Terminated today. He got called into the manager’s office and the red-faced manager literally threw the door shut. Then I heard yelling, screaming and sounds of office furniture bouncing off the walls. Then followed an uneasy silence before six security guards entered the call room and walked into the manager’s office. Again the door was slammed shut. After a few more minutes, the door opened and the security guards left carrying the former employee’s severed limbs in sandwich bags. Then the manager emerged from his office and hung the Violently Terminated employee’s head from the sagging ceiling along with the other heads already there before casting a menacing glare across the room that lowered the interior temperature to just above freezing.

If you ask me, I’d rather be Violently Terminated than Disgustingly Terminated. I think the large cannon along the wall has something to do with it.

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