Bulk Rename Utility.

Recently I was surfing for animated smilies when I came across a page that had a nice gallery of smilies for later use. Instead of downloading each smiley individually, I went to my Temporary Internet Files folder where I easily located the files in the browser cache and just copied them to another folder. But I ran into another problem. The file names now had [1] embedded in them, as in Zombie[1].gif. I could have renamed each file individually but I thought there must be an easier and faster way to do this.

Enter the free Bulk Rename Utility. At first glance the program looks confusing and intimidating with all the various options and rename modes but I was able to figure out how to get it to rename the files to my satisfaction. I used its search and replace function to get rid of the [1] from the file names in less than a second. I’d never seen a file renamer with a search and replace function but this one does and it works really well. I’ll have to play with this some more and see what other file renaming magic it can do.

Meanwhile, the zombies freely roam with nothing in their way.


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