Integrating the Box.

I’m so impressed with Box that I’ve integrated it more tightly into my job as a tech support agent. In the process I am dumping OneDrive.

The one feature that won me over is the quick preview window that comes up when you click on a file. Regardless of what that file is, be it a PDF, a Word document, or an Excel spreadsheet, you can view that file online without downloading it. OneDrive has that same preview feature but when it comes to viewing HTML files, it only displays the source code, which I find useless. Box allows previewing of HTML files as well, which is a big plus considering I have some work-related documents in HTML format.

One of the programs I keep on Box is a simple stopwatch program I use to keep track of my break times. It took me two clicks to run it from OneDrive, one click to get past the annoying warning screen about my running an EXE file and another click to download the program itself. I only need to click once to run the same program from Box. Other cloud backup services I tried have the same one-click convenience to launch executable programs and it’s nice to see it on Box as well.

Finally, Box has excellent customer service. I needed to call them after deactivating my account when I mistakenly thought I didn’t really need it. The first time I called I waited on hold for 5 minutes before hanging up, but the second time I called I got through to an agent right away, and they helped me re-activate my account. Less than a half hour later I was moving my files there from OneDrive. Very nice.

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