A look at Yandex Disk.

One of the cloud backup services I use is Yandex Disk. It’s a shame there isn’t much written about it online other than a few press releases announcing its arrival. I’ve been using it frequently myself and it’s been working out well for me.

On it I keep my work-related documents and personal files in separate folders, and I have shared those folders to make them accessible without logging on. Yandex Disk has by far the fastest and easiest way to share files and folders: just highlight the item to be shared, click the switch to make that folder public and up comes a public link to that shared item.

For folders containing images, Yandex Disk presents their contents in a slide show format that lets you preview each image. Its support for animated GIF files is a plus. An even bigger plus is those with the links to the shared folders will be able to access the content without needing to sign up for an account first.

So ends the list of cool features I like. There is no previewing of other file types, such as Word documents or PDF files, meaning the only way to view these files is to download them.

I’ve read some complaints from users unhappy with security concerns, inability to reach tech support and difficulty in synchronizing the data to mobile devices. I don’t have any mobile devices of my own so I’m not sure if this is still a problem, but I beg to differ on the opinion of not being able to access tech support. I was having trouble with my e-mail and needed to contact tech support for some help and I got a response along with some assistance from their courteous staff. As for the data security, I’m guessing it all depends on how strong your password is and how often you change it.

Other than that I think Yandex Disk works nicely for basic file storage and image sharing. It’s worth checking out.

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