Floral scents from nowhere.


True story. I had some extra time before starting work this morning, so I went on a leisurely stroll down the hallways of the building where I spend my working life. As I neared one corner of the hallway, my nose picked up a strangely familiar scent, one that reminded me of the floral potpourri at my late grandmother’s house in Chicago. And here it was following me around in Boca Raton. I didn’t see anyone who had just passed that spot, yet the pleasant scent lingered for a brief moment before dissipating.

This wasn’t the first time I smelled the mysterious scent. The other time it happened was last month while I was working and the scent had found me at my cubicle in the call room to perhaps alert me to the presence of some unseen visitor.

This could very well be a coincidence and just someone wearing perfume. Considering the wide range of fragrances available, what are the odds of someone wearing perfume that has the exact same scent as the floral potpourri at my grandmother’s house? This is just as mysterious as the bag of Oma Coffee I encountered in the call room last year. No way was that a coincidence either.

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