Unwinding after a stressful day.

Finally, quitting time. I breathe a sigh of relief as I log off my computer and leave the call room to begin my walk towards my locker to retrieve my belongings. Once at my locker, I remove the lock to retrieve my lunch bag, my Kindle and my iPod. I’m especially looking forward to listening to the iPod as I have it loaded with relaxing New Age music to help wash away the day’s stress.

Once I have everything I need, I switch on the iPod and the music begins to play. I can already feel the stress melt away as I begin my walk across the lobby towards the doors leading outside. Each step I take feels lighter than the last and before I know it, I’m floating off the ground as the music takes me into a gentle flight. Higher and higher I rise as I feel my stress leave me and I feel myself disappear into the music.

Then I hit my head on the ceiling.

I really should’ve done this outside.

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