An unsolved household mystery.


This is a true story that took place some years ago.

I was doing some housecleaning one day when I decided I needed a little music, so I loaded Sinner by Drowning Pool into my CD player. The music had just started when I suddenly heard something break in the adjacent bedroom. When I went over to investigate, I was startled to see my double pane sliding glass window had completely shattered. I saw nothing that could have been thrown through the window and began thinking that the music was too high-pitched, but that was unlikely considering that this was a small CD player in the other room. I ended up calling a window repair place and had the broken window replaced hours later.

I’m still haunted by this mystery years later. It may have been a case of spontaneous glass breakage in which the glass may have started cracking long before I moved in. It could very well be the stress from the elements or my running my air conditioning too cold. Or maybe Drowning Pool is really that evil.

In any case this mystery remains unsolved to this day. I may never know what really happened.

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