Kevin’s cotton candy.

Charles attempted to push the door to Kevin’s office open and to his surprise, the door opened without hesitation. Normally the door was locked but this time it opened to allow entry. Immediately Charles was overtaken by the sweet scent of hot candy that had sent many mouths in the office drooling but no one knew what the smell was, until now.

“Yaaah!” Kevin yelped, suddenly looking up. “How did you get in here?”

“Your door was open,” Charles replied. “I was wondering what that smell was, and it smells so good in the office. I didn’t realize you had a cotton candy machine in here.”

“Yes, and it belongs to me,” Kevin got defensive.

“Ever think of maybe sharing some of your cotton candy with us?” Charles asked. “We do work longer than usual hours to keep this network up and running.”

“NO!” Kevin shouted. “This cotton candy machine is mine and so is the candy! Now leave!”

“Shame you have to treat us like this consider all that we do to save your rear time and time again. We’ve sacrificed so much for you, and the least you can do is share.”

“NO!” Kevin yelled. “This is MINE!”

A few minutes later, everyone in the office was helping themselves to Kevin’s cotton candy. There was enough for everyone to stop what they were doing and enjoy a break. There they stood, standing, chatting and peeling of small pieces from the giant wad of cotton candy covering Kevin’s body still seated in his chair.

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