Redundancy in the cloud.

Like most Internet-savvy folk I use a cloud-based file storage service to back up my files. My primary backup service is Box, although I also use OneDrive. Sometimes I wonder if I really need more than one cloud backup service, and last week I found out that the answer is yes.

In addition to backing up my files in the cloud, I also back them up to a flash drive and an external hard drive. I start by deleting the old files on the backup media before copying over the new files to avoid copying duplicate files, especially after I create new folders for some of my files.

Last week I deleted what I thought were the old files on the backup media when in fact I had deleted the local folder used by the backup software to synchronize my files to the cloud. The backup software itself was still running and notified me that the deleted folders would no longer be synchronized. I had lost the local folder.

This is where having a second backup service like OneDrive comes in handy. It too uses its own local folder for synchronizing my files, and I only needed to re-copy the files from this folder to the one from where I accidentally erased the files. From there I was able to synchronize the updated files as usual.

To me, that’s one of the perks of having more than one cloud backup service.

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