A bug worse than Heartbleed.

As the Heartbleed bug continues circulating around the Internet, an even greater threat is looming that could very well destroy the Internet itself. The highly destructive Fartstink bug has already started making its rounds and is leaving behind a trail of server fragments in its wake.

The Fartstink bug operates by first pinging with the host before transmitting packets containing a digitized form of methane gas. When the packets are decoded, the inside of the server begins filling up with the odorless but extremely flammable gas.

Next the Fartstink bug begins to overclock the processor to the point where it begins to produce sparks, igniting the gas and causing the server to explode. In some cases entire data centers have blown up due to the Fartstink bug.

Because the bug spreads so rapidly and the digitized gas is odorless, administrators aren’t aware of its presence until they hear their servers exploding and by then it’s too late.

At this time there is no patch for Fartstink because the servers at the security research center kept exploding. It will only be a matter of time before the very computer you’re using will explode right in your face too. You have been warned.

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