An unseen presence in the kitchen.


The following is a true story based on actual events. I couldn’t make this up even if I tried.

I was in my kitchen one night making hamburger patties. I had the ground beef in a large bowl and had just added some ketchup and frozen pepper mix consisting of peppers and onions I had diced using the food processor. I was mixing the ingredients together when I noticed an unusual scent coming from the bowl that reminded me of the floral potpourri at my late grandmother’s house the day before the funeral. It may have been the peppers in symphony with the ketchup that produced the strangely pleasant scent or it may have been something else…

I went on to make the hamburger patties as usual and when I was finished, I washed my hands using the pump of Dial foaming soap I kept near the sink. When I smelled my hands afterwards, the floral scent was even stronger even though the soap wasn’t floral-scented. It was as if I grabbed a big handful of potpourri from the bowl.

Needless to say, during this episode I felt a certain unseen presence in the kitchen as if I had an unseen visitor dropping by to see how I was doing.

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