An open letter of resignation.

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as tech support agent effective immediately following this morning’s Diet Coke incident that has sent shock waves throughout the call room and up the corporate ladder.

My summary of the incident is as follows. I was sitting at my cubicle this morning drinking from can of Diet Coke when one of the supervisors came up to me and told me I was not allowed to have drinks in the call room. So I drank the rest of the soda in one big gulp before disposing of the can.

As I put my headset on in preparation of resuming my shift, I felt an uncomfortable bloated feeling inside my stomach normally associated with drinking mass quantities of soda in such a short time. Before I knew it I got an incoming call and by then it was too late. I let out a loud, thundering belch into the phone that echoed throughout the call room.

After a very uncomfortable silence on the line, the customer screamed, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS, DIAL-A-BURP?” before hanging up his phone with great force. I am not sure if he called anyone else to complain but I am taking no chances and am resigning immediately before any disciplinary measures are to be taken.

I know our company stresses professionalism on every single level, but my actions today are comparable to rendering these levels as brittle as balsa wood easily broken by the bowling ball of my careless actions.

Thank you for the support and the opportunities that you have provided me during the last two years. I guess I have enjoyed my tenure with the company.

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