The LastPass of its kind.

I’ve gone through quite a few password managers over the years. The very first one I used was the spyware-infected Gator Wallet whose annoying bombardment of intruding pop-up windows had me running for cover under Roboform, which worked well for me until I used up all my license requests from my periodic re-installing Windows to keep my computer running up to speed. It was then when I switched to KeePass Password Safe, which I found handy for storing my passwords and other sensitive information in a highly encrypted database I would upload to my favorite cloud storage service.

And it looks like I’ll be switching yet again. I recently came across LastPass while researching the recent Heartbleed bug that’s been plaguing the Internet. It has a handy site checker to determine which sites are affected, and it’s from using this site checker that I got familiar with LastPass itself. Before long I signed up and am now using their services.

LastPass lets you store your passwords in a secure online vault using sophisticated encryption methods. Importing the data from KeePass’s exported XML file was a breeze and I was up and running in no time.

I’ve only been using the service for a week now and already it’s saving me lots of time. I frequently log on to my bank’s web site for my banking needs and a few clicks of the mouse are all I need to access my account. The logon process was much slower with KeePass as I had to open the database first and then paste the password from the database to the login page.

I don’t think I’ll be ditching KeePass anytime soon. I store other information in my database not related to the Internet, such as my address book, universal remote control codes and lifesaving driving directions. I’ll continue using it and keep its data synchronized with LastPass. The two of them seem to go well together.

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