The perils of mind control.

Charles was sitting at his desk reading a book he had purchased on the way to work earlier that morning. The book was entitled Have It Your Way With Mind Control and he was reading it with great interest. At last, full control of the office was within reach.

Finally, after patiently thumbing through several chapters detailing the physics and history of mind control, Charles finally reached the chapter that would teach him some basic techniques.

The first step in controlling the mind of another person is to visualize a channel of mental communication to that other person.

Charles put down his book and looked at Kevin sitting at his desk at the opposite end of the office. He concentrated and channeled his thoughts in Kevin’s direction. Easy enough. Charles returned to his book.

Once the mental channel has been opened, it is now possible to transmit your thoughts through that channel and have the other person receive them as thoughts of their own. The stronger you transmit your thoughts, the clearer they will materialize inside the recipient’s mind. With practice you can even transmit commands to be unconsciously carried out by the recipient. Anything is possible!

Charles smiled as he once again put down his book. He hated Kevin and had always wanted to make his head explode, so he concentrated once more as he visualized the channel of mental communication being established. So far, so good.

Then Charles began to strain as he began transmitting commands to make Kevin’s head swell up and explode. Kevin just sat there in his chair unaffected, so Charles strained harder and harder until his face turned red.

Then it happened. Charles suddenly let out a very long and deafening fart that tore through the office to force its evacuation from the fire hazard that materialized. It was a good hour before anyone was allowed back inside, but it was even longer than that for Charles as he needed to go home to change his pants.

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