Hobbits at the Crossroads.

‘Okay lads,’ announced Frodo as he pulled out his map. ‘This is the Crossroads and we need to take a vote on where to go. The path to the left will take us to Gâò, and the path to the right will take us to Täçæñíÿåáúæåéúñÿûë. Let’s put this to a vote. Where do we wish to go?’

Merry, Sam, Pippin and Frodo all looked at each other and then all chimed in unison,’Gâò.’

And that is where they went.

Meanwhile, at a small pùb in Täçæñíÿåáúæåéúñÿûë, two patrons sat at the counter sipping bêër from their mûgs.

‘Yôù kñôw, í thíñk wë rëàlly ñëëd tô chàñgë thë ñàmë ôf ôùr tôwñ,’ said one patron to the other.

‘Ägrëëd.’ responded the second patron and they both downed their bêërs in one gulp before letting out a thûndering bëlçh.

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