Orcs along the Road.

Frodo stopped in his tracks, suddenly alert and listening.

‘What is it?’ Sam asked, startled.

‘Footsteps,’ Frodo answered.

The hobbits turned around slowly to the sound of soft footsteps on the gravel of the Road and off in the distance they could see an army of Orcs marching in their direction.

‘To the bushes!’ Frodo cried and the hobbits quickly ran off the Road to hide in the nearby shrubbery. There they waited as the footsteps became louder and louder and soon they saw the Orcs, marching forward with banners waving in the breeze, unaware they were being watched.

The hobbits gazed fearfully at the Orcs as they passed but suddenly began roaring with laughter at the sight of the colorful bows of ribbon on the Orcs’ heads.

‘Nice ribbons!’ yelled the hobbits between fits of laughter.

The Orcs tried to ignore the laughing hobbits as they continued their march. They looked ahead to their destination, all of them planning to kill the one Orc responsible for messing up their orders for bows to go with their arrows.

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