The alternate demise of Sauron.

Sauron smiled with glee when he saw the Orc-guards escort their prisoner into the throne room.

‘At last,’ he said, ‘the Ring-bearer has arrived with my much-coveted prize! Bring him here!’

The Orc-guards grunted obediently and dragged their prisoner to the opposite side of the room where they threw him at Sauron’s feet. Sauron leaned forward in his chair for a closer look.

‘So you thought you could escape my Dark Tower, did you?’ he mocked. ‘Lest you forget I have guards at every post and the Eye that sees everything! You are a fool to even think of escape in spite of the odds!’

The prisoner was cowering on the floor, too weak to stand up. His face was concealed by the hood of his robe as he lay by Sauron’s feet.

‘Poor Ring-bearer,’ Sauron continued mocking. ‘Your quest has taken you months away from your cozy home and through perilous lands, only to end up in failure! Do not you feel like a fool for even thinking you could complete such a monumental task?’

There was no answer from the prisoner.

‘Fool!’ Sauron roared. ‘Now for you to return the Ring that is rightfully mine!’ He held out his hand. ‘Give me the Ring!’

Without looking up, the prisoner reached inside his robe and disengaged the necklace bearing the Ring before holding it up within Sauron’s reach. Sauron grabbed the necklace and held the Ring closer to his face for a closer look.

‘You may be a fool for thinking you can complete your quest, but you are an even greater fool for surrendering to me without a fight!’ Sauron removed the Ring from the necklace and held it over his finger. ‘What would your uncle say when he finds out his nephew helped complete my conquest? Remove your hood, Frodo, and see me wear the one Ring to rule them all!’

‘My name is not Frodo,’ the prisoner said, removing his hood to reveal the face of a dwarf, ‘and that is not the Ring you seek.’

‘What is happening?’ Sauron yelled as he watched his hand bearing the Ring suddenly turn grey and dry. ‘Who are you? Where is Frodo?’

‘My name is Odorf the Dwarf,’ said the dwarf, ‘and you have on the Ring of Decay. Look out the window while you still can!’

Sauron looked out the window from the top floor of the Dark Tower and the last sight his eyes saw before they dried up was the sight of Frodo running down the road away from the Tower, but before he could yell, his head had fallen off and shattered to dust on the floor.

And so ended Sauron’s cruel reign.

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