Doodling in Notepad.

At work I keep a Notepad window open for documenting my tech support calls and occasionally fancy some ASCII doodling. I experiment with creating simple works of art that use some of the higher ASCII characters that include letters with fôrèigñ accents, mathematical symbols and lines for drawing boxes that I like to form into letters. I found it time consuming to look up the corresponding codes for a specific ASCII character for drawing a box, so I decided to throw together a reference table to help me create my artistic masterpieces in half the time.  It should be fairly straightforward:

193 207 208 202
218 191 213 184 214 183 201 187
180 195 181 198 182 199 185 204
192 217 212 190 211 189 200 188
194 209 210 203
[197] 186 [216] [215] 196 [206] 205

Along the bottom row of the table are some numbers in brackets. These correspond to the characters in the middle of each arrangement. For example, 197 corresponds to ┼. There are also characters and codes in the bottom two rows for creating horizontal and vertical lines for use with the box characters.

To generate a higher ASCII character, just hold down your key and enter its corresponding code on your numerical keypad. Release the key and there your character will appear.

Have fun!

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