Ballpeach Video Game Posse Newsletter #32.

Greetings video game fanatics:

Welcome to another edition of the Ballpeach Video Game Posse Newsletter. You may have heard rumors of the Posse getting ready to break up and unfortunately, those rumors are absolutely true. This has not been a good year for us and if things don’t turn around soon, this could very well be the last newsletter.

Despite our best efforts, video arcades across our area continue to disappear at a startling rate, leaving us with virtually no place to hang out and spend the day playing video games.

To add to the bad news, Gator was expelled from the Posse last week following his arrest for making bomb threats against the newly opened Ballpeach Outlets because there is no video arcade there. Gator had called in the bomb threat while seated at a table in the food court at the Outlets and was arrested seconds later by police officers who were seated at the table next to him. I don’t think we’re witnessing a brilliant criminal mind at work here.

Anyway, Gator had been with the Posse since it began in 1995 and it is very heartbreaking for us to part with him like this. Because of his actions, our image as a group of fun-loving, diehard video game fanatics has been tarnished and we are now seen as a violent street gang. This is one of the reasons why we are considering disbanding the Posse, no thanks to Gator. In retaliation for his actions, I have no choice but to publish his real name here, which is Scott Johnson, along with his Very Embarrassing Secret that he is an unemployed 45-year old virgin who still lives with his parents.

Yes, we are upset that the Ballpeach Mall was demolished and yes, we are upset that the new Ballpeach Outlets has no video arcade, but this is no reason to resort to violence. Anyone who chooses to go down the same path as Scott will also be expelled and humiliated.

These are trying times and we need to stay strong. We will prevail, provided we stay civilized and polite.


A PosseProbe researched and written by Cool

Back in 1995 when the Ballpeach Video Game Posse was formed, video arcades were abundant. It seemed every major shopping center in our area had a place to play video games and we made it our mission to make sure these arcades stayed in business by frequenting them with our patronage and our quarters.

Our favorite place to hang out was the Game Cavern at the Ballpeach Mall. It was very close to where we lived and had all our favorite games, plus we got to know the owner whom we fondly knew as Caveman. He was the one who ordered the video games we enjoyed playing and went out of his way to make us happy.

When business at the Ballpeach Mall began to deteriorate and stores began to close, Caveman too began to struggle and had to sell some of his games, including our favorites, in spite of our protests. Then the following week, when we returned to spend the day at the arcade, Game Cavern was gone and in its place was Hassan’s Jewelry And Luggage. Just like that, gone, and without Caveman telling us. We have not heard from him since and it doesn’t matter now as we no longer consider him a friend as hinted by his betrayal.

Since that day we have been struggling to find other places to hang out but they too have been disappearing. Only a few places remain, and although the selection of games is minimal, they remain in business as they have over the years. I list these places here.

  • WASH ‘N’ GO – A coin-operated laundromat just down the street on Ballpeach Bakes Voulebard. They do have video games there including some of our favorites. It may not be much but it’s better than nothing.
  • BALLPEACH LANES – This bowling alley has been in business for over 35 years and has a small arcade there along with some pinball machines. Again, there is not much here but enough to satisfy our arcade cravings.
  • MOZZ A. RELLA – This place may be for kids but it has by far the largest arcade in the area along with games that dispense tickets for prizes. This is our best bet to hang out.
  • SLACKERS – This is the largest arcade in the region but unfortunately it’s a 30 mile drive from where we live. If we all chip in on public transportation then we’ve got ourselves a new home.
  • VIDEO GAME LAND – The mother of all arcades with four floors of video game fun. Of course, we have to pay to get in and the 200-mile drive can be exhausting but once we get there, the fun pays for itself every time.

This is not a complete list but it should still give you an idea of what’s still out there. The old days of video arcades may be gone but these places will help keep their memories alive.

Following are some of your comments in response to the above article after it was posted on our MyFace page.


wtf dude, a laundromat??? yeah, id love to play galaga next to a washing machine full of dirty underpants

not sure about the bowling alley, its so smoky you cant even see the screen

Mozz. A. Rella is a BAD choice. There’s some guy who wanders around the restaurant dressed in a costume that’s supposed to resemble melted mozzarella cheese but instead looks like a hideous white blob. It scares the living daylights out of everyone, every time. Now you know why every time we pass that place, there are people running across the parking lot.

dont ever use the words “public transportation” in a future articel again or i will kick your as with a rusty boop

Hey guys, it’s Caveman, sorry if I abandoned everyone but Hassan insisted on buying Game Cavern, he said if I didn’t sell to him he would give me the Vulcan Handshake, he said there was a deleted scene in one of the Star Trek movies where Mr. Spock made one of the bad guys explode using the Vulcan Handshake, not sure if that’s true or not but I just didn’t want to take any chances, anyway I’ve opened up a new place called Fun Cavern with some bounce houses and yes, a few video games, you guys are welcome to stop by anytime, would love to see you all again.
[I went undercover and visited the Fun Cavern while in disguise and was sadly disappointed. Caveman has three large bounce houses aside from one that exploded when some fat kid took a flying leap. Video gamewise, he only has 5 old games that barely work with missing buttons and screens with poor picture quality. I’m guessing the bounce houses are more important. I left, removed my disguise and went back inside to speak to Caveman but he didn’t even remember me. This is one place to definitely avoid. – Winter]

hey its me again, i mispeled the word boot in my previous responseĀ  regarding public transportation but i still think a rusty boop would be much more painful


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