A wireless printer dilemma.

My parents recently bought an HP Officejet 4630 e-All-in-One printer with wireless printing capability. It was working fine for them until a few days ago when problems suddenly arose. They could no longer print anything from their Windows 8 desktop computer, and when they checked the printer queue window to check the status, they were informed that the printer was offline. So they called on me, the tech support agent of the family, to resolve this issue.

I looked up this problem on Google and from what I found, it looks like it’s a very common problem. I followed one suggestion and downloaded the HP Doctor, which reported that the printer software wasn’t even installed. So it downloaded the software and proceeded with the printer setup, but when it was trying to connect to the network printer, it timed out.

I started taking matters into my own hands and accessed the printer’s web interface. I saw it was already configured with an IP address on the same network as the desktop computer, which was a good sign. I was further exploring the various options when I came across one to have the printer use a static IP address. After I selected this option, there was short delay as the printer re-configured itself. Afterwards, I re-ran the printer setup and this time the printer was finally configured and ready for use. I was able to successfully print a test page from Windows.

It made sense why the printer suddenly stopped working. At one point it must have been assigned a different IP address and Windows could no longer see that printer. But now that the printer’s using a static IP address, I expect it to remain visible to suit my parent’s printing needs. Time will tell if this truly fixed their problem.

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